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Dump Chili

We love chili and have been making it from scratch for over 40 years. Over the years I have picked up many books in my research on the history from the very beginning. The oldest known chili recipe in print dates back to 1700 and it belonged to a Spanish priest.

That said I wanted a good smoky chili to warm us up in this cold weather. I went around the kitchen and gathered up the stuff for a good chili and dumped it into a cast iron Dutch oven. Hence, the name “Dump Chili, packed with big chunks of beef and a screaming hot sauce. This chili is not for any light weights it came out “HOT”, I gave Patti a taste off the grill and she said “That I was just being mean”. This Dump Chili starts out with a flavorful sauce that warms as you eat it. After 3 or 4 bites it has your attention. Around halfway through your bowl your nose is running and your sinuses clear. At this point your eyes tear up and you’re crying for joy. Patti was crying for sour cream.

I got some on my mustache and when I wiped it off the hair came off with it. My gosh this stuff is “Hot”! Doing some clean up I noticed that it also worked well as a rust remover on some of the cast iron. I would bet it will be a good paint remover too. LOL!!

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Our Thanks To:
Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce
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A storage container & dispenser for wood pellets 
Lodge Cast Iron
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  1. Great video you two. Patti is so stinkin’ cute, great input.

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