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Date Night At our house is special…

About us,  Patti and I have set one night a week just for us. It’s our date night. We usually put something special on the grill but sometimes we cook inside.

We have over a 1000 recipes and videos all with step by step pictures to help you be the “Grill Master” in your neighborhood…

We always eat outside on our patio. We have done it with a bit of a rainforest theme, little lights, candles, lanterns and surround sound. Where we enjoy a little wine, or strawberry margaritas using frozen strawberries for ice, good food, music and sometimes a dance or two…

Our goal here is not just to be another BBQ web site, but to take you from starting your fire to sitting down with your significant other. Try to share some of the fun that we are having.

You may also notice that we are just a little fond of hickory smoke, garlic, bacon, Chipotle, chili, sweet onions and red pepper. Pay this no thought, as they are good for you…

Most of these recipes are mine and Patti’s, some are my Mothers.We also post our “Guest Chef” recipes.

I have included a few of the desserts that our “Crash Test Dummies” work for. You may have seen some of them before or may have your own version that your family likes.

If you need a recipe for something special send us an email and we’ll try to find one for you.
Or, if you have a special family recipe send it to us and we’ll try it…

Ken & Patti Fisher
Hemet, CA







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