Slow Smoked Carnitas

  Slow Smoked Carnitas, we love anything you can wrap in a tortilla and when Juan Carlos showed us some awesome pork for .99 a pound. A dream is born… Slow Smoked Carnitas with a citrus kiss. We bought 20 pounds of Juan’s pork and used about 5 in our Slow Smoked Carnitas that we smoked for about 5 hours. It was all I could…

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Uncle Bubba’s Texas Terror Chili

  Uncle Bubba’s Texas Terror Chili is not for the light of heart or taste buds. This Texas chili is spicy, thick and packed with big smoked beef flavor. I love chili with big chunks of tender smoky beef and lots of chili flavor. The sauce was made from dried chipotle and ancho peppers, Texas chili powder, smoked garlic, tomato sauce, with chocolate and coffee…

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Prairie Fire Redux

  Prairie Fire Redux, I have worked on this recipe for over 35 years, (hard to believe that I’m that old) and have fine tuned it to a religious experience. These are great for tailgating and Super Bowl parties and just great eats. These are creamy, tender beans with a thick, rich smoked cheddar cheese sauce and a bit of zip to them. I have…

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Mom’s Texas Red Chili: With A Kiss of Smoke Cookbook
Mom's Texas Red

Mom’s Texas Red Chili: With A Kiss of Smoke Cookbook

  Mom's Texas Red Chili: With A Kiss of Smoke (Date Night Doins BBQ For Two Book 5)   $3.99 E-book or Free for Kindle members and paperback $12.99.   Our cookbook “Mom’s Texas Red Chili” is a “How to Chili Picture Cookbook”. Every recipe is jam packed with “Step by Step Pictures” to show you just how easy it is to do Great Chili…

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Mom’s Texas Red Chili

Mom’s Texas Red Chili, Ken’s Mom loved chili and being this beautiful and awesome lady was from Texas, this was her recipe. It had just the right amount of spicy zing for Ken with lots and lots of meat. Over the years Ken has zinged it up a bit. Patti, as usual, needed to add a bit of sour cream to hers. After all, she…

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Chipotle Beef

  Chipotle Beef, we love good rich beef flavor, then add the smoky influence of the Southwest. I am in heaven. The tortillas were tougher than the beef. In a sauce made from fresh peppers, onions and tomatoes from the Murrieta Farmers Market along with chipotle peppers it was multiple layers of awesome. Hot enough for Ken and mild enough for Patti. There are so…

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Easy Chili Nachos

  Easy Chili Nachos, Ken loves all types of nachos and after a really busy day Patti wanted easy and not having to do a trip to the market. Happily everything we needed was in the pantry. With the help of our 10” Lodge Cast Iron Griddle and our Pacific Living Outdoor Oven we had a hearty, fun and delicious dinner. We especially love our…

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El Burrito del Diablo
Let’s Eat!!!

El Burrito del Diablo

  El Burrito del Diablo or The devil's Burrito. We love fiery beef burritos, so we thought we would smoke up a pot of La carne del Diablo or The Devil’s Beef on the gasser. A 4-pound chuck roast, 5 different Chile peppers, onions and garlic for a 5 hour cook. All with a “Kiss of Smoke” from a wedgie loaded with GMG’s Texas Blend…

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Chorizo Dump Chili

Chorizo Dump Chili because we had 2 pounds of Raider Red Chorizo and wanted to do something delicious. Spent the week thinking of all the different things to do with it and I kept coming back to a “Dump Chili”. I love chili and have been making it from scratch for over 45 years. Over the years I have picked up many books in my…

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Chipotle Chili Bowl
Chipotle Chili Bowl

Chipotle Chili Bowl

Chipotle Chili Bowl, I have been going through “Chipotle Withdrawals” these last few weeks. I love the sweet smoky flavors of Chipotle on the grill. Everyone here (Patti) has been saying “NO More Chipotle for a while, It’s too hot”. I don’t understand this, chipotle is just a smoked jalapeno, and these are mild sweet peppers that are AWESOME on the grill. Well, I just…

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Buffalo Dump Chili

Buffalo Dump Chili because we’ve been in the mood for great Chili. So, I thought I would make a dump chili using buffalo chunks that we slow smoked in Mesquite. This would be an awesome camping or tailgating recipe, too. I have been making chili for over 45 years now with little or no measuring so guess you could call it a dump Chili. In…

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Dump Chili

  We love Dump Chili and have been making it from scratch for over 45 years. Over the years I have picked up many books in my research on the history from the very beginning. The oldest known chili recipe in print dates back to 1700 and it belonged to a Spanish priest. That said I wanted a good smoky chili to warm us up…

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