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Beef Tenderloin with Garlic Sherry Sauce

Its date night and we wanted to celebrate with something extra special. Patti found a beef tenderloin and made a special garlicky wine sauce for it. Patti cooked up some bacon to add the drippings to the sauce and used the crispy bacon in mashed potatoes.

Ken got a new toy from Char-Griller: a Smokin’ Stone that we had to play with. We love our Char-Griller Akorn Kamodo Grill, but their Smokin’ Stone adds another layer of versatility. It turned our Akorn Kamado into a convection oven by circulating heat around the tenderloin while protecting it from direct heat and flame. It was perfect for this large piece of meat without burning. Ken can’t wait to try it on a tenderloin pizza with his smoked mozzarella cheese!

Thinking we would use Lumberjack’s new “Paris-Bordeaux Rosemary” wood pellets, Paris-Bordeaux Rosemary has a savory resinous flavor and aroma. It has a tea-like aroma and a piney flavor. Off the hook!

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