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Smoken Business Cards pellet grill recipe BBQ smokerSmoken Business Cards

Your business cards represent what you do right? Well, I am always smoking something. Patti even says that “It’s the best cologne I’ve ever worn.

But, think about it, if you want folks to think about your BBQ what better way than a hickory smoked business card. They will smell good BBQ every time they open their wallet making them hungry and making them want to BBQ. Folks will show it to folks because of the rich smoky smell and talk about it. That just screams of product recognition. And it’s fun… I love the reactions I get when I give them one of my cards, and most folks have asked for a few more to give to their friends. It doesn’t get any better than that!

This is so easy to do. I just used my Wedgie in my GMG and cold smoked them in the box for 3 hours using Lumberjacks hickory pellets. You can do this using any grill and any flavor pellet you like. A definite win-win for you.

Just Too Much Fun…

Smoken Business Cards pellet grill recipe BBQ smokerLight the Wedgie

Smoken Business Cards pellet grill recipe BBQ smokerLet Your Cards Swim in the Smoke for 2 or 3 Hours

Have fun with it guys…

Live your Passion,
Ken & Patti
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