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Review Mr Grill Grill BrushMr Grill

I was asked to do a review by Rizzi at Mr Grill ; . I think reviews are always fun and I try to do fair review. If I don’t like something it doesn’t get posted. Simple…

I have had the Mr Grill grill brush for a few months now. It seems like he is always hanging around trying to get into one of my grills. I have more grills than the average backyard griller. I am down to 10 right now and I am doing something on one or two of these about 5 nights a week. That gives me plenty of opportunity to give this grill brush a real workout. I can say I have done just that. It is very strong and well made with brass bristles and an oak handle; it won’t melt like so many others that I’ve used.

Review Mr Grill Grill BrushStrong and Well Made with Brass Bristles and an Oak Handle

It will make a great stocking stuffer at $19.95 for any Grill Master.

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  1. I have heard/read that these types of brushes have a tendency over time to loose bristles that can end up in your food and are not recommended because of this…those brushes were stainless steel, not brass bristles like these…just sayin’

    1. Dick, I am told that by the way these are made that is not a problem. Even so I always give my grates a good Inspection before cooking…
      Thanks for your input…

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