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Video Chile Relleno Fatty

Video Chile Relleno Fatty, Ken couldn’t wait to try our Raider Red Jalapeno Bacon. Anything that involves bacon and jalapenos is just right for him. This was fun and easy, too.

We had some Raider Red pork sausage and our smoked cheese; Chile rellenos from the deli, Candied Jalapenos then seasoned it all with Briggs True Chili Mix seasoning then rolled it all up into a big log. Patti made a nice bacon weave with Raider Red Jalapeno bacon to wrap the whole thing up with deliciousness before putting it in the smoke for 4 hours.

Great just sliced and plated or made into burgers, and you know how we like Big Burgers…

See Recipe Link:

Video Chile Relleno FattyVideo 
A Wood Pellet Grill Recipe

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 4 hours @ 300* (149c)
Grill: Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill
Pellets: Pacific Pellet Gourmet BBQ Pellet Rancher’s Mesquite

Ingredients: Chile Relleno Fatty

Link for Smoked Cheese:

Video Chile Relleno Fatty
A Wood Pellet Grill Recipe

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