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This is pretty cool, and really simple. I wanted to add a touch of lemon flavor to a corn flour coating for fried fish, so I prepared a small batch of powdered lemon zest. What you get is a fragrant powder that doesn’t have the tart punch of fresh zest, but makes up for it with a toasted dimension that pulls it toward the sweet.

There are several ways to dry the zest, but I did it on the stovetop to save time. For about a tablespoon of powder, use the zest of two medium-sized lemons.

Preheat a good nonstick pan over med-lo to medium heat. Add the fresh lemon zest, and gently toss/stir continuously until a light brown color is achieved, about 2-3 minutes. Watch it carefully, and do not allow the zest to smoke. Remove from heat to a dish, and allow to cool. Crush zest into a very fine powder using a smooth surfaced mortar and pestle, or a mini food processor. DONE.

The powdered zest can be used just as you would the fresh stuff. Remember that the flavor will be much milder. Store powder in a spice bottle/jar, plastic container, or Ziploc bag.

~Chef G


Chef Derrill Guidry

Chef Derrill Guidry (Chef G), a recent transplant in Cincinnati, is a self-taught chef and native of SW Louisiana, where cooking and eating is a way of life. He began experimenting in the kitchen at about the age of 6…and has been doing so ever since. In his early teens Chef G began traveling abroad, experiencing the culinary cultures of many countries. He also traveled extensively while serving as a commissioned officer in the US Army, retiring in 2011 after 21 years of service. From 5-star restaurants in Hong Kong, to street vendors in Saudi Arabia, and even in bedouin tents in the desert surrounding the Pyramids at Giza in Egypt, Chef G has experienced many very unique foods and spices that helped him to develop a style of cooking that is sophisticated and refined, appetizing and appealing, yet not intimidating to even the choosiest eaters. He creates what can only be described as simple goodness.

Chef G is currently working exclusively on developing and publishing his first cookbook, while exploring Cincy’s culinary scene.


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