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Review of the Universal Sear Daddy


Review of the Universal Sear Daddy, I was talking BBQ with Dennis of Smoke Daddy a few weeks ago. He told me about his new Universal Sear Daddy that will fit most any pellet grill with a center fire pot and a 19 ½ “ grill grate. Well, you know me I had to try one out!

Smoke Daddy sent us one and Patti and I gave it a good work out. We thought we would do some “Blackened” steaks and burgers to see how it does.

Opening the Box


The Universal Sear Daddy comes with everything you need and is easy to set up on any grill.
Patti set it up as I was playing with the camera.

Review of the Universal Sear Daddy

Just Set It Over the Firepot


Just That Easy


Hang the Flavor Bars on the Studs


Review of the Universal Sear Daddy

Add the Lava Rock


Place a Grill Grate Over it


I like to do a good cleaning burn for any manufacturing oils. So, set your grill on “High” and let it burn clean for a ½ hour or so. High or just 450* on my grill was 981*on the Sear Daddy. That’s HOT!!!

You are going to want to play with this a bit before you cook on it. Your “High Temp” will vary with different grills and pellets as the don’t all burn the same. I found for my steaks and burgers 285* on my GMG gave me a temp around 550* on the Sear Daddy, right in the ballpark for what we were doing.

Keep in mind that this is a “Blackened Steak” it is black from the seasoning and not the Sear Daddy.

“Blackened Steak”


½ Pound Burgers

Review of the Universal Sear Daddy

Love Big Burgers


“Blackened Steak”


Review of the Universal Sear Daddy

We think everyone will love the Universal Sear Daddy. It will do lots more than just sear steaks and burgers.

Think about setting a set of Grill Grates over it or a cast iron skillet for your skillet recipes.
I have a cast iron griddle that will go on it. Or set a pizza stone on it…
You can have a lot of fun with the Universal Sear Daddy.

The Universal Sear Daddy will fit directly on the Pellet Pro, Green Mountain Grill, Traeger, Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Rec Tec and any others with a center firepot and a 19 ½ “ bottom grill grate width.

The important thing to keep in mind is TIME & TEMPERATURE.

Remember that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone. Don’t be afraid to try the Universal Sear Daddy. Take it and run with it. You’ll be delighted you did.

Live your Passion and Do What You Love,
Ken & Patti
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Our Thanks to:

Smoke Daddy Inc.
847 336 1329
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  1. Thanks for the review
    Appreciate the suggestion to burn off the oils
    My question is can you have the Sear in place, and still use the off center area for low and slow
    Would be nice if you could. Putting the Sear in place on a hot unit can’t be fun

    1. Hi Michael,
      Not sure about the low and slow on the I’ll have to try it.
      Call Dennis @ 847 336 1329 and ask about cooking low and slow on the sides.
      As far as setting it a cold grill would be best. You can do it hot but you’ll need some welders gloves at least…

  2. Thanks Ken for the nice review. Michael what I like to do is put the Sear Daddy in place then on the top grate to cook my tri tips, steaks, ect.. at about 250°. Once it reaches about 115° internal temp I take them off, remove the top grate, turn grill on high and then reverse sear over the Sear Daddy until internal temp is about 135°. I really do love using it.

  3. Was curious about grease getting into the fire pot and surrounding area. Of particular concern would be burgers.

    1. At the temps the Sear Daddy cooks any grease has been Vaporized on everything I’ve done on it…
      Just adds to the flavor…

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