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Bull Rack Review, pellet grill recipe, BBQ, smoker

A Well Loaded Bull Rack

We got the Bull Rack System from Brett at Earthworks Supply for our Green Mountain Grill and have put it to good use many times. The Bull Rack System is designed to fit perfectly into the Green Mountain Grill giving you the ability to get to most out of your grill by maximizing your cooking area. You can cook more for less both saving time and pellets. A big plus for Ken is Patti being able to stack them in the dishwasher racks for easy clean up.

I got the BR6 that gives me 6 shelves and a few drip pans. The shelves are adjustable so you can fit anything on them just by moving them up or down. I have done mountains of jerky, hot wings, sausage and hot links. We are going to load them up with cookies soon. Yes, I said cookies, with the Bull Racks you can bake, cook, or smoke anything you like.

Check out our optional drip trays.  They are great for catching drippings for making gravy and keeping your grill clean. They can be used as a hydration trays, or use as cookie tray for your grill. I always have two on hand to use with the Bull Rack System.

The Bull Racks will fit the Green Mountain, Louisiana and Traeger grills and many others with the same size cooking area. You’ll have to call for a list as it is always growing. 503 678 7744 Bull Rack Review, pellet grill recipe, BBQ, smoker

Sausage, Hot Links and Baloney

Bull Rack Review, pellet grill recipe, BBQ, smoker

Hamburger Jerky Hot and Spicy

Bull Rack Review, pellet grill recipe, BBQ, smoker

Jerky from London Broil is So Good

Bull Rack Review, pellet grill recipe, BBQ, smoker

Wings and Hot Links

Bull Rack Review, pellet grill recipe, BBQ, smoker

Bacon Candy

As you can see we have been enjoying our Bull Racks! They range in price from $99.99 to $149.99.

The Bull Rack System
Earthworks Supply
503 678 7744

Live your Passion,
Ken & Patti


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  1. Don Storm

    Thanks so much for your review. You have convinced my wife and I to purchase the BR6. Going to go with the ultimate as it has the wire racks as well. It’s just the two of us, so when we do up the big batches, we will use our vacuum sealer to preserve or efforts.
    Thanks again!
    Don & Rhonda

    1. Ken Fisher

      Thank you,
      And yes they ARE BIG.
      I know just what you mean by just the two of you.
      It’s just Patti and me here.

      We use some of the smaller ones a lot, in fact doing some more garlic and cheese with a ham chub today…

  2. Moondougie

    What’s the best way to clean these?

    1. Ken Fisher

      I sent you an email on how I do them.
      I’ll see if Bull Racks has any cleaning tips for us…

  3. Brett Kacalek

    In addition to the cooking sprays, after a cook is done and the trays are cooled down we suggest a degreaser such as hdx degreaser from Home Door or similar product. This helps to soften and clean the trays with some scrubbing.

    Soaking as needed, dishwasher cycles and blasting with a hose are some of the ways to help with cleaning.


    1. Ken Fisher

      Thanks Brett.
      FYI Brett is from EarthworksSupply the makers of the Bull Rack System.


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