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Video Review and Assembly of the Sawtooth  Wood Pellet Grill

Video Review and Assembly of the Sawtooth  Wood Pellet Grill. We just received our new SPG 610 Sawtooth Wood Pellet Grill, let’s check it out. As we were unpacking it we got to look it over very well.

We are not going to get into the specs, the gauge of the metal or any of the sales stuff. We want to talk smoking, grilling and BBQ. That is what we are looking at.

The first thing we notice is its size. The SPG 610 is big and heavy, it’s a tank. It’ very well made. A lot of thought went into the packing. Everything was wrapped and packed into the body of the grill.

It took us about 45 minutes to assemble as we took our time and looked everything over. Being older we can’t lift the grill out of the box so we just cut the sides away and rolled it over to install the legs. To Easy and that is the hard part.

The Sawtooth Grill is made by a small shop in Boise, Idaho. I would say that they do a 1st class job.

Now to the meat and potatoes. We have cooked on it 3 times. The grill comes right up to temperature and holds it. I have done “Hot & Fast” and “Low & Slow” and it performs like a champ!!!

Video Review and Assembly of the Sawtooth  Wood Pellet Grill

So we would say that the Sawtooth Wood Pellet Grill is a Very Nice Pellet Grill…

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