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Spatchcock Chicken Video

We love grilled chicken; thinking a Spatchcock Chicken would be good, easy and flavorful tonight. It was simple enough for a weeknight dinner and pretty enough for company. Spatchcock Chicken is simple and easy to do on the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Grill. As an added treat we used Chef of the Future Floribbean Rub and Seasoning with some of Lumberjack’s new “Paris-Bordeaux Rosemary” wood pellets. Paris-Bordeaux Rosemary has a savory resinous flavor. It has a tea-like aroma and a piney flavor. So good!

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Spatchcock Chicken
A Akorn Kamado Recipe

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Spatchcock chicken

Spatchcock, otherwise known as “spattlecock” is poultry or game that has been prepared for roasting or grilling by removing the backbone, and sometimes the sternum of the bird and flattening it out before cooking.[1] The preparation of a bird in such a manner for cooking may also be known as butterflying the bird. The term “Spatchcock” is used when the backbone is removed, whether or not the sternum is removed. Removing the sternum allows the bird to be flattened more fully.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour at 350 degrees (177c)
Grill: Akorn Kamado
Charcoal: Lump

Remember that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone. Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste. Take it and run with it….

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