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Review Inkbird IBT-6X Digital Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Last week InkBird sent us their new IBT-6X Digital Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer. They asked us to do a review for them. Always happy to look at new products and here’s what it is.

The Specs:

  • Durable stainless-steel probes (6)
  • Ergonomic, lightweight and compact Bluetooth wireless thermometer for convenient use.
  • LED display screen and temperature graph.
  • Free app to perfectly match your smartphones or iPhones.
  • Wireless digital thermometer for cooking, grilling, BBQ, oven, meat, boiling and more!
  • Electronic thermometer backed by a 12-month warranty policy!

We found that it was well made and looked good. It is a Bluetooth Thermometer. That said I don’t like to BBQ with my phone or anything else with. Haven’t done any apps, Ok I’ll admit it, I’m an “Old Guy”.

So, I unbox it and look everything over and I think it is well made. So, the next thing to do is try to download the app.

I was surprised at how easy this went. So, I thought to do a fair test I would do a big cut of meat to use a few probes to see how they read. I inserted a probe in both ends of a 4-pound Tri Tip wanting to see how it would read on both the thick and thin parts of the roast. Then, a probe for the grill temp.

Review Inkbird IBT-6X Digital Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

2 Probes Thick & Thin


Review Inkbird IBT-6X Digital Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer
Plug Probes into the Base


Link to your phone. I found lots of cool features here. I could set my High/Low temp or use the presets. A timer that alarms at your set point for each probe. Easy to set and read even for me!

A Look at the App


We found that the Inkbird IBT-6X Digital Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer was easy to use and gave us accurate temperature reading. This would be a plus in anyone’s BBQ tool box.

The Box


What’s in the Box

Review Inkbird IBT-6X Digital Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer

Lists for: $59.99

The ​Specs:

  • Temperature Range: 0~250°C /32~482°F
  • Wireless Range: 50meters /150ft
  • Alarm Over Temperature Alarm, Range alarm, Time count-down alarm
  • Display: LED screen & APP
  • Probe Number: Up to 6 probes
  • Power: 2x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Dimension Body: 64x85x25mm (2.5×3.4×1.0 inch)
  • Sensor Length: about 120cm / 3.9ft
  • Net Weight: 250g​
  • Gross Weight: 350g​
  • Warranty: 12 months


Inkbird has given us discount pricing, the current price is $59.99, after discount is $44.99.
Click the link for the discounted price of $44.99. That’s a $15 saving!!!


Thank You IBT-6X!

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