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Chocolate Pecan Bacon Candy Video

Chocolate Pecan Bacon Candy! Like the other bacon candies we have done this stuff is CRAZY GOOD and will be ILLEGAL when the food police hear about it! Got the idea of adding pecans from talking with Bret at Earthwork’s Supply, (Bull Racks).

This is a special treat. Bacon Candy is so simple to make: sweet and smoky. Just melts in your mouth. Patti and I have come to the conclusion that Bacon Candy is just plain dangerous in a really delicious way.  It is so good and rich it’s hard not to eat it all. We only ate 2 small pieces each, but thought about it the rest of the day. You will be amazed by how it just melts in your mouth!

Easy to make, too when we loaded up our Bull Racks on the Green Mountain Grill at 350 degrees (177c) for an hour & 15 minutes. With Pacific Pellet Gourmet BBQ Pellets Texas Pecan pellets for that “Kiss of Smoke”.

The rest is just history.

See Recipe:

Chocolate Pecan Bacon Candy
A Pellet Grill Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes to mix, few hours to blend
Cook Time: 1 hr., 15 mins @ 350 degrees (177c)
Grill: Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill
Pellets: Pacific Pellet Gourmet BBQ Pellets Texas Pecan

Remember that a recipe is simply an outline; it is not written in stone. Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste. Take it and run with it….

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