Raspberry Teriyaki Country Ribs

Raspberry Teriyaki Country Ribs We love ribs, all kinds of ribs. We’ve never met a cut we didn’t like. These pork country ribs were on sale so we bought a lot. We wanted them for our date night, but we had a lot of errands to do, so we marinated them all day in a sweet and spicy marinade Patti came up with before we…

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Radical Short Ribs

Radical Short Ribs Radical Short Ribs, we found some beef short ribs on sale and that was all we needed to make our mouth water. Patti picked up 3 pounds of them and the rest is delicious history. Thinking we would do a long braise with a bit of a Hawaiian twist with crushed pineapple and Dr. Pepper for the sweet, plus a little pecan…

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Spicy Asian BBQ Ribs

Spicy Asian BBQ Ribs Guest Chef Heather I am a very lucky girl.  I live in a part of the country most people dream of visiting, essentially I live where you vacation.  I am blessed with palm trees, white sandy beaches and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine.  When the colder weather moves on and spring finally arrives, there is nothing better than soaking up the sun and…

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Braised Short Ribs

Braised Short Ribs On the Jim Bowie This week our friend Tony came down and we wanted to do something special for his birthday. We haven’t seen Tony for about four months and he was starving for some good “Q”. Sailors are easy to please and old sailormen are even easier. Lots of the “B” food group: beef, beer & BBQ. We gave our Green…

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Baby Back Ribs 101

  • Ribs

Baby Back Ribs 101 Everybody is always asking us how to do ribs. People think that there must be some kind of magic or secret recipe. The problem is that most folks tend to over think BBQ. So, we ask, what is BBQ? BBQ is when you cook Low and Slow. Grilling is Hot and Fast. No matter your heat source BBQ is LOW AND…

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