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Pomegranate Honey Glazed Ham pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Pomegranate Honey Glazed Ham

Pomegranate Honey Glazed Ham There is so much to love about the holidays. Everyone has their own special way to celebrate. We …

Pulled Pork Louisiana Style pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Pulled Pork Louisiana Style

Pulled Pork Louisiana Style, Pellet Grill that is… Pork Butt went on sale here for .87 a pound. You know what that …

Pulled Pork Breakfast Biscuit pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Pulled Pork Breakfast Biscuit

Pulled Pork Breakfast Biscuit We love nice fluffy warm, sweet and soft biscuits; with a kiss of pecan smoke they’re even better. …

Traditional Pulled Pork pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Traditional Pulled Pork

Traditional Pulled Pork We’ve been craving some good pulled pork sammies and pork on sale was all it took. We made the …

Loaded Mashed Potatoes pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Loaded Mashed Potatoes

Loaded Mashed Potatoes We love potatoes fixed all kinds of ways. Ken has never found a way he didn’t like. Being our …

Spanish Steak Sofrito pellet grill recipe BBQ smokert

Spanish Steak Sofrito

Spanish Steak Sofrito This is a simple but elegant dish that will impress your dinner guests and a nice change for the …

Reverse Sear Rib Eye pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Reverse Sear Rib Eye

Reverse Sear Rib Eye The Louisiana Sidebox Cold Smoker puts an easy twist on “Reverse Sear” grilling. It is a clean addition …

Chili Brats Casserole outdoor cooking pellet grill recipe

Chili Brats Casserole

Chili Brats Casserole We wanted something hearty, quick and easy, plus nice and spicy for a chilly evening. It was a really …

Mango Curry Pork Chops pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Mango Curry Pork Chops

Mango Curry Pork Chops Being our main ingredient has always been imagination, we wanted to try an unusual combination for simple pork …