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Tailgating Kabobs

Tailgating Kabobs

Tailgating Kabobs As tailgating season is in full swing Patti and I thought we would put together an assortment of kabobs for …

KW's BBQ Sauce Review

KW’s BBQ Sauce Review

KW’s BBQ Sauce Hands down KW’s BBQ sauce is an Awesome BBQ sauce. We have tried both flavors and like both, the …

Salsa Verde a pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde I love a good Salsa Verde or as some folks would say a green salsa. The tart flavor of the …

Grilled Stuffed Peaches pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Grilled Stuffed Peaches

Grilled Stuffed Peaches It’s that time of the year for big, beautiful peaches. Grilled Peaches are a simple dessert that folks just …

Sesame Steak Sticks pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Sesame Steak Sticks

Sesame Steak Sticks Patti and I have been working on a new treat to add to our line up at the Murrieta …

Philly Mac & Cheese

Philly Mac & Cheese

Philly Mac & Cheese Patti was born & raised in Philadelphia, so she knows something about cheese steaks. Ken was born in …

Creamed Garlic Soup pellet Grill Recipe

Creamed Garlic Soup

Garlic Soup with Toasted Cheese Topping I love garlic, just about every way it comes. I had been thinking of doing a …

Teriyaki Sirloin Kabobs pellet grill recipe BBQ smoke

Teriyaki Sirloin Kabobs

Teriyaki Sirloin Kabobs I was looking forward to date night this week. Always lots going on here and there is never enough …

Fatty Burger pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Fatty Burger

The Fatty Burger  We love a good fatty and we’ve made lots of variations, with lots more to come. But, tonight we …

Ginger Glazed Spatchcock Chicken pellet grill recipe BBQ smoker

Ginger Glazed Spatchcock Chicken

Ginger Glazed Spatchcock Chicken We love grilled chicken; and doing another Spatchcock Chicken was easy and flavorful. It was simple enough for …

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